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Summer Class Schedule 2018 The summer semester will begin on June 3rd and conclude on August 29th

SUNDAY 10 am – 12 pm Intro to Improv w/ Paul Barnes Ages 14+

Students in this class will cover all the basics of improv. Improv is a crucial skill set all actors will need to acquire in order to be successful in this industry. Students will be introduced to various methods and techniques to learn and build a strong foundation of improv.

SUNDAY 12 pm2 pm Character and Scene Study w/ Adam Peddle Ages 11-15

In this class, students will spend the semester developing characters and scenes. They will engage in many exercises, allowing them to explore and stretch their limitations. We will connect our own life experiences in our characters to really personalize and make strong emotional choices. We will also dissect scenes, and learn how actors can help portray the story. Students will learn to feel comfortable in their own bodies, and allow themselves to show true, and raw emotion. After this semester, students will acquire the tools needed to make a scene real, and believable.

SUNDAY 2 pm4 pm Youth Character Development w/ Micah Kalisch Ages 6-10

In this class students will learn all the basics of the audition room, as well as how to make character choices that will not only help them to connect to their character, but ensure they are remembered by casting. They will engage in various activities and exercises to help build confidence, focus, improvisational skills, and character development abilities. We will analyze scenes and find ways for one another to personalize and connect with emotions and convey a story. As always, the goal of this class is to not only develop crucial acting skills but to have students gain more creativity and confidence in themselves.

SUNDAY 4 pm6 pm The Art of Auditioning w/ Jennifer Gibson Ages 16+

Back by popular demand, Jennifer will repeat her sold-out Spring semester course "The art of auditioning". We will explore the audition process and find out how to do the work in the room that books the job! All will be covered, from commercials to one-liners, self-tapes, cold reads, actor roles, principal and guest star/ lead roles. The focus will be on using technique, skill, and knowledge of the camera, the room, and your nerves so you can do your best work when you get the opportunity. Please note if you’ve already taken this class with Jennifer last quarter, it cannot be repeated.

MONDAY 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm  Advanced Improv w/ Paul Barnes Ages 14+

This is an advanced Improvisational class, there for all students in this class have had prior improv experience, allowing for each student to be further challenged and learn new & advanced techniques in this environment.

TUESDAY 6:30pm – 8:30pm Choices w/ Steve Hobbs Ages 14+

Teen improv - Choices! Uses a blend of short form and long form improv techniques to give performers of all skill levels tools to boldly make choices in scenes. With an increased focus on enjoying the curve balls of improv and staying flexible while in character, this class helps teach students to enjoy and accept falling on their face on stage while learning the foundations of inclusive, collaborative improvisation.

THURSDAY 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Improvising Between the Lines w/ Paul Barnes Ages 16+

Improvisation is a fundamental pillar in acting that aids in the comfort and confidence of any performance. In this class, students will learn how to successfully use improvisational skills and concepts to create and further character development.